Creating Stores and adding Teams

Modified on Fri, 14 Jan, 2022 at 1:54 PM

A Store is a collection of incentives.  It can be filled with anything, including physical items, experiences, or opportunities.  Each Store can be connected to one or more Teams for Players to access.

Stores can be managed by exhibitors, sponsors, or affiliates by inviting them as a Store clerk (Admin role).

Step 1:  Create a Store

Consider naming it after the exhibitor, sponsor, or affiliate organization.

Step 2:  Add items

If you're managing this Store, you can start adding items.  If you're not managing this store, assign an Admin to do so.

Step 3:  Add Team(s)

Add the Teams you want to have access to this Store.  Only Players on Teams connected to this Store will be able to access the items.


Manage your Store name, shipping, and multi-language store items.

Shipping orders export recipients:

When using the Shipping order method, a CSV with all of the orders will be emailed to the account holders listed here.  Enter the email addresses (separated by a semi-colon or comma) of the recipients that will receive this CSV file.  The CSV is emailed each day at midnight (GMT-7).  If there are no Shipping orders, no CSV file will be sent.


If enabled, you can post the same store item in multiple different languages.  The Player's web browser will detect their language setting and display the item in that language if you've added it.  In the above image, the default language has been set to English, and French and Spanish have been added.

When entering an item in multiple different languages, select the Multi-language item check box. Then provide the item name, description, and Automated message (if selected) in each language.

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