Store Overview and Ideas

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Note:  Your access to Stores depends on your Admin role.

In your Store, you can manage the items and opportunities listed by your organization.  Players can either buy items directly, buy entries to a raffle draw to increase their chance of winning the item, bid on items in an auction, or participate in fundraisers.  

Strategy:  Every time a Player interacts with your Store items, it will be logged under the Transactions tab and can be used for lead-generation purposes.



Tip: Consider your Player-personas when loading store items.  What are their interests?  What do they value?  Items or opportunities that enhance their experience further or help people personally or professionally are great ideas.  Bring in your marketing team to offer branded products and promote brand awareness, familiarity, and loyalty.

We often get asked:  "What should I put in the store?".  We suggest the following acronym:  SAPS.

Status - Publicly recognize people for their achievements (ex:  Cameo shoutout)

Access - Provides a unique experience (ex: upgraded lunch, front-row seats, meet a celebrity)

Power - Allow a voice in developing products, sessions, events (ex:  Choose the topic of a panel discussion)

Stuff - Put physical items into the hands of the Players.  The possibilities are endless.

Here are some store item ideas: 


No/low-cost items:  

  • access to premium content, webinars, support material, registration, meeting with experts
  • choices - guaranteed seats, session selection, upgraded lunch
  • privilege – become a mentor, project lead, premium parking spot, VIP lounge
  • options – upgraded/free memberships, trial extensions

Higher cost items:

  • real items – branded clothing, electronics, lifestyle products, food
  • services – travel tickets, house cleaning, food delivery
  • experiences – guided tours, massage, yoga classes, discounted courses
  • donations – charities of choice or partnership organizations

Lastly, consider how your users will redeem their items.  Learn more about the ordering methods here.

Need more ideas?  

Here's a few examples of what we've seen:

Pro Tip:  Create a store with personalized items for each section.  Use branded items to strengthen brand awareness, familiarity, and loyalty.


Type:  Raffle

Name:  50% of Annual Account

Description:  Get 50% on your first year with us.

Type:  Purchase

Name:  Branded jacket

Description:  Wanna turn some heads?  Try this thing on

A person lying on the floor 
Description automatically generated with low confidenceType:   Raffle

Name:  NFT

Description:  This could be worth millions...or nothing.  We don't know.


A person lying on the floor 
Description automatically generated with low confidenceType:   Auction

Name:  Cameo shoutout!

Description:  Get a personal shoutout from Kevin and share it with your friends.


Type:  Purchase

Name:  Upgraded lunch     

Description:  Treat yourself to one of our premium lunch upgrades.

A person lying on the floor 
Description automatically generated with low confidenceType:   Raffle

Name:  Yoga class

Description:  Stretch your mind and body with this free pass.


Type:  Raffle

Name:  1 hr one-on-one session

Description:  Get exclusive access to our expert host.


Type:  Auction

Name:  Holiday schedule

Description:  Be first to choose your holidays this quarter.



Type:  Raffle

Name:  Half day off

Description:  Do whatever you want for the afternoon, or, have a sleep-in!


Type:  Raffle

Name:  Course discount or Gift Card

Description:  Get 40% off your next course with us.



Type:  Fundraiser

Name:  Charity donation

Description:  We’ll give $50 to a charity of your choice.


Type:  Raffle

Name:  Conference registration     

Description:  We’ll pick up the tab on your next registration fee.

Type:  Purchase

Name:  Team coffee            

Description:  Treat your team to a warm cup of brew on us.

Type:  Purchase

Name:  Gift coins      

Description:  Give your friend 50 coins.  Just tell us who to send it to.


Type:  Raffle

Name:  Marketing strategy

Description:  Our expert marketers will provide you with a comprehensive tool kit, including strategies and templates



Type:  Auction

Name:  3 hr House cleaning services

Description:  You’ve been working hard.  Let us help you out at home.



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