Add items to your Store

Modified on Sat, 15 Jan, 2022 at 12:30 PM

You can put anything in your Store. The limit is your imagination!  

Choose Item Type:

  1. Purchase - Players can purchase this item if they have enough coins.  
  2. Raffle - Players purchase entries to a raffle draw for this item.
  3. Auction - Players bid on the item.
  4. Fundraiser - Players collectively contribute their coins towards a common goal.

Enter the Name of the item and its Description.  Add an SKU (stock-keeping unit) if you want to track inventory.

Under Number of items, you can set the number of items that are available for Purchase.  For Raffles, this will be the number of winners drawn.  If you want the item to have unlimited availability, check the unlimited box (Purchase type only).  Only one item can be placed in an Auction.


Next, enter the Cost per entry which is either the number of coins to directly purchase an item, the number of coins it costs per raffle entry, or the starting bid of an auction.

The Start and End Time sets when this item is available to the users. You can add an Image for the item by choosing a file that will be displayed.  We recommend .PNG files and 500x500 image sizes to avoid cropping, no larger than 2MB.



Order Method:  Will there be an in-person option to hand it over?  Does it require approval?  Is it a digital item?  Does it need to be shipped?  Choose between Request for Approval, Automated message, Digital download, or Shipping integration.  To learn more, visit the Ordering methods article.

Advanced Settings


For Purchases type only, you can add variants such as color or sizes and add SKU's (Stock Keeping Units) to track inventory.  Note:  There is a maximum of 10 variants for each item.


These variants will be displayed in the store and if there’s a limited number of a particular variant, it will be displayed in brackets.  If the stock of each variant is unlimited, no brackets or numbers are displayed.

Variants example:

Variant Labels:  Small, Medium, Large

Number of items:

Small, Medium, Large - Unlimited

X-Large has 15 remaining


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