How to determine the cost of a store item

Modified on Mon, 17 Jan, 2022 at 3:06 PM

How you set the cost of an item depends on two things:

1.  The coin economy settings (For account Owners and Admins only)

Be sure to communicate the coin-earning economy Information to the Players and other Admins.  If you want to change the rate at which Players are making purchases, you can change the coin earning economy and/or the cost of the item type.  We recommend you change only one of those at a time.

2.  The TYPE of item:  Purchase, Raffle, Auction, or Fundraiser (For Exhibitors, and Managers)

First, check the economy settings from the account owner to see how coins are earned.  This should give you an idea about how quickly/easily Players will start spending them.  Check the Information tab in the Store.

For Purchase items, consider making the cost relative to the real value of the item and/or the amount of time it would take a Player to earn enough coins to make a purchase.

For Raffle draws, the cost is the number of coins the Player will spend to make an entry to the draw. Consider making the cost low to encourage Players to players to purchase more entries.

For Auctions, set the opening bid cost relative to the real value of the item yet low enough to encourage users to participate.

For Fundraisers, set the Goal relative to the value of your offer.

There is no perfect formula for managing the economy.  You'll likely want to try things out and make changes over time (edit item cost).

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