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This article will help you enable Incentli with a newly created Bizzabo event.  Each Bizzabo event requires a separate Incentli organization/event account.

Incentli allows users to create personal accounts and organizational accounts.  A personal account can either create new organizational accounts and/or be invited to work on another organization's account (maybe as a different role).

Step 1:  Create an Incentli Account

Go to:


If you do not have a personal Incentli account, you need to create one.  During this process, you'll be asked to create your first organization.  This is the name of your first event.


If you have a personal Incentli account, you will need to create a new organization/event account for each event:

Name the account the same as the event.

Step 2:  Create a Team

On the Incentli dashboard, create a Team.  This is where the attendees will be grouped together.

Step 3:  Enable Incentli

Click on Event Experience/Gamification and enable Incentli.  Note:  the event must be Published for the remaining Steps to work (you will see an error code if the event is not Published).  You can always set up Incentli and have it ready before continuing the last few steps.

Step 4:  Enter Account ID and API Key

Go to the Incentli dashboard, and select the account you want to connect to your event.  Go to the Account settings/Settings.

Generate an API Key (copy and paste it into a document for future access).

Copy/paste the Account ID and API key into Bizzabo:

Step 5:  Connect Team

Select the Team and click Save.

Step 6:  Success

Your event is now connected to your Incentli account.  Be sure your event is Published for this to work.

To Preview Incentli in your event, go to:  Event Experience/Venue/View

In the right side menu, click on Rewards.  That will open the side content panel where you can view the Leaderboard.  

Click Spend to view the incentives and spend your coins.  Note:  You need to create a Store on Incentli and connect it to the Team.  Then create items for them to appear here.

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